Friday, October 3, 2008

Trying out social bookmarking and I`m shy!!

I played around with Delicious a little more and liked the ease of tagging. I also noticed on the little toolbar that you can send the page right to Onenote, which I might find useful. (I use OneNote when I am doing on-line research for the class, or if I am trying to find clipart.)

Initially I was very self-conscious about what sites I bookmarked--people can see them, right? It's funny that I have no problem having my family photos on Flickr for the world to see, but suddenly I'm thinking twice about what Internet sites I'm choosing to display. Who knew that what we browse on the Net is so personal? It's not like I go to inappropriate sites or anything, but if we stop to think about it, what we do at the computer generally is very personal; it's usually just me and the computer against the world. Aidan is often crawling around my feet somewhere, but he's not reading over my shoulder snickering because I'm watching a re-run of X-Weighted on Slice! Come to think of it, my husband and I use the computer much differently than my students or my kids. Kids will often gather around the screen and give directions to one another, or share the information. They are much more social! My husband and I are never comfortable when someone is reading over our shoulder.

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