Thursday, October 2, 2008

Social Bookmarking--Day One! Phew!

My 3 lads are in bed, so I'm exploring the Web! I have just spent the past hour figuring out which social bookmarks to sign up for. My first choice was It was easy to do, fast, straight forward in its initial stages. I kept waiting, though, to see something about the teacher upgrade I read about last week for my discussion topic, but nothing "came at me". I suppose I need to dig a little for that, and I hope it doesn't mean that I have to set another account up. That is the thing I am discovering about Web 2.0 -- I'm spending a lot of time adding "stuff", I'm gaining many user accounts that I didn't even dream of having last month!

The second social bookmarking service I signed up for was I did this mostly because it is supposedly "the most popular" and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The initial start-up seemed easy and straight forward, but it wasn't. It would not accept the password I tried to use, though it was accepted at Diigo. Then, when I had to put in the secret code (you know, the funny-letters-strung-so-close-together-I-thought-I-was-hallucinating code that is supposed to help fight the war on spam, or some such thing) and apparently I couldn't read them properly because it took me 10 times (I'm not kidding!!!) to get it right. I'm not complaining, the hard work and effort might have been good for me. I'm just wondering if that happens to others on a regular basis. Hopefully my stubborn and persistent nature will lead me to a happily organized future of brilliance and deep insight.


Carol said...

Hi Carol,

The only bookmarking site I use is Delicious. I had to make a choice and that one was given to me last winter in a PD session. At this point I figure there's no reason to sign up with a different tool. I did download Delicious so it sits as an icon on my Explorer toolbar (for easy access). does Diigo have the same feature?

carol t

Carol N. said...

Hi Carol: Yes, Diigo does have that feature--and it is similar to the Delicious. You can also highlight passages and comment. I'm not sure about "tags"--I'm still figuring it out. So far, I'm thinking Delicious might be easier.

Jo-Anne Gibson said...

I hear you when you say you've got a growing list of accounts that you've never dreamed of having a month ago. How to keep track of all the usernames and passwords??


techeduk8r said...

I know this is way after the fact, but I just came across this post. I am a huge Diigo fan and share it with all of my colleagues. There isn't a feature I don't love...well, maybe some of the random stickies people put on web pages. :-)

If you haven't found it, the educator upgrade can be found at

I highly recommend it to encourage students to evaluate and share reliable and fun websites. It also makes sharing sites with students easier.