Thursday, January 15, 2009

Turning a New Page

The direction of this blog will be following a slightly different path in the following weeks, as I work through my new course, EDES 545 Information Technologies for Learning - a follow up to EDES 501 I took last term. In this class we will look at the issues surrounding Web 2.0 technology in Education - rather than testing each web tool. So, we are turning a new page, but it's the same book. I'm thinking the blog posts that follow are the epilogue, the afterward, or perhaps even the sequel? At any rate, the page is turning....

Aidan's Adventure in Reading

By the way, this is Aidan, he plays a starring role in my life story (one he shares with his big brothers, of course)!


Carol said...

Hi Carol,

I like the new 'look' of Tea for [Web] 2.0. Hope you are enjoying the new course!

carol t

Carol N. said...

Thanks very much, Carol T. It should be very interesting!

Hope you are well!

Joanne de Groot said...

Love the picture of Aidan, Carol! He's adorable--and looks like a very serious book reader!