Sunday, November 2, 2008

Conversations with My Husband about VoiceThread

My second attempt at a VoiceThread was meant to be a simple re-telling of our hike to the Goldstream Provincial Park where we went to witness the salmon run. What it turned into was a conversation with my husband about the hike, our life, and about VoiceThreads as a teaching tool.

In creating this multi-media presentation, I felt like all of the Web 2.0 tools were coming together in one place. We were photo-sharing, texting, podcasting, blogging . . . (did I miss any?). Because VoiceThread offers this incredible diversity, it will be a valuable tool in my classroom or library. But, if we think beyond the Web 2.0 tools, what else is going on? What is at the heart of this experience that makes it so relevant in the classroom? Collaboration, discussion, representation, we are exploring voice, public speaking, writing, the list goes on. I think this experience can be celebrated as a true cross-curricular "glue" that can enhance teaching and learning, making it vitally important in our school libraries.

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SomewhereOutHere44 said...

Voicethreads, to me, is really about the collaboration and sharing that goes on between participants. I really like that the teacher is not the leader, but merely a guide and then one participant among many.

You pointed out the collaboration very well through your practical examples. It helps others when they can see it in action :-)